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Goodbye 2020|A recap of the year that changed everything

Dear 2020,

You caught us all by surprise. I remember our principal saying in a speech in the first week of school that we should all have 20/20 vision. That we should be able to see ahead into the future when we are making our decisions. Little did she know how impossible that would be.

January and February kicked off the year- although none of us remembers them now. You began the year with Queensland bushfires, close to home but not near enough that I ever saw the damage. Late January brought the news of a foreign virus to our news broadcasts. We naively thought that the virus was too far away. We thought we didn’t need to worry. So we carried on our lives as normal.

In March the world as we knew it crumbled and we were forced into our houses for quarantine. We learnt how to do everything- school classes, meetings, conversations and just catching up with family- over zoom. Which to be honest, half of us had never heard of before. We all survived the ‘Great Toilet Paper Shortage’ after panic buying caused people in countries all over the world to fight for toilet paper in supermarkets.

April was the most boring month of the year. We stayed in lockdown, and nothing really happened (that I remember). Oh except Bernie dropped out of the election. But I never really paid attention to that anyway. But for the most part we stayed at home, finding new ways to do – well everything.

Late May Queenslanders were release from lockdown and watched the rest of the world continue remaining at home. We went back to school, could travel within 50km, and many people went back to work. We were also astounded when Elon Musk announced his sons name, X Æ A-Xii (like, how do you even say that? Poor kid).

Also in May we saw the black lives matter protests that happened in America, Australia, England and throughout the world after the tragic death of George Floyd. At its peak, over half a million people in the US marched and protested for change.

June brought more freedom for Australia, but for other countries it wasn’t brilliant news. Controversial laws in China led to huge protests that made international news. A whole bunch of other things probably happened too, but very few people really remember.

In August we saw the Beirut explosion that caused over 200 deaths in the capital of Lebanon. People around the globe would have been more shocked but after 2020, nothing surprises us anymore.

Skipping to November and the world is captivated by the strange and interesting US election. After Trump putting up a huge fight, Joe Biden ended up winning the election to the relief of over 81,000,000 people and thousands of others watching on from other countries.

2020, you have been a difficult year for all of us. You shocked us, but you also taught us a lot. You taught us to be flexible when our worlds are turned upside down. You taught us to appreciate healthcare workers and people who we normally don’t think about. But honestly good riddance. Please don’t let us have a year like this one again. Please.

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