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A weekend away at Mt Tamborine

Hey! I had an amazing weekend at Mt Tamborine in the Goldcoast hinterland. It was so nice to get away from all the stress and busyness of school. I come here every year and it is like, the best place in the world.

Feeding kookaburras at CMS Tamborine. When I say feeding kookaburras, I mean Kookaburras eating our food.

Mt Tamborine is so close to home yet feels like a different world. I honestly love just sitting there and being so close to all the wildlife and just relaxing.

The food was so good too! There wasn’t a single meal that I didn’t like. I would have so many more photos of the food if I didn’t eat it all first!

The views from CMS are beautiful. Here you can see my younger sister Tegan pointing to Brisbane city from one of the balconies.  

So in the picture above you can see me in a giant ball. Let me explain. These balls are called Zoorb balls. They have a cylinder shaped hole in the middle with straps that you can wear over your shoulders and handles that you can use to hold them on. Then you can crash into other people also wearing zoorb balls and try and knock them over. The last one standing wins. Unfortunately I was not the last one standing- but at least I didn’t get stuck upside down!

There was so much to do up Mount Tambourine and we had heaps of fun. 

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