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The lost art of letter writing

As a child it was I always thought it was so cool to get a letter in the mail. It didn’t happen very much, but when it did, it was overjoyed. I never thought to write a letter myself. For my grandparents birthday we would call them on the phone. For my birthday they would call me on the phone. There was no letters involved.

Now I realize this is all because of social media, email and our digital world. We can email our friends and only minutes later you can get their reply. An increasing number of teens are getting phones, meaning that we can always call or text each other so we can talk to each other even throughout the school holidays.

Photo by Host Sorter on Unsplash

But this isn’t taking away from the magic of receiving letters. In fact now that we are no longer getting many letters, we are even more pleased when we get them. I love writing, so reviving a letter from me isn’t overly surprising for some of my friends and I probably get more letters than a lot of people my age, but I still love receiving them.

How to write a letter:

There is no one way to write a letter, but here are some things I like to include:A greeting: Greet people in the same way you would greet them in person. If its a close friend, just saying ‘hi’ or ‘hey, how are you’ is perfectly acceptable.
A conversation Talk to them! Ask questions, don’t just talk about yourself.
A reply If your are replying to a letter, answer their questions.
Goodbye Like a greeting, this can be casual or formal, and talk to them the same way you would talk to them in person

So that’s it. Writing letters is so easy and so fun. I love to use cool stationary and include a gift in my letters, but that is not a necessity. I would definitely encourage more people to use traditional snail mail.

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