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DIY gifts small enough to fit in an envelope

You’ve written that letter. You read it over and think to yourself that it’s good enough. But its not seeming very special. Maybe, like me, when you were younger, you received money from your Grandparents through the mail, and the fact that this letter is only a piece of paper with writing on it doesn’t appeal to you or you just want to do something different.
I love writing letters. It is so much more interesting than an email because, although you may not get it as fast, it gives you the opportunity to send physical objects. When I started to write letters, it didn’t make much sense to me because I could just email them the same info and it would save us time and stamps. So, whenever I sent a letter I would include something I couldn’t include over email- a drawing, card or gift.
1. Friendship Bracelets.- These are small, easy to make and great for friends (hence, Friendship bracelets). I really like this design from You don’t even have to have embroidery floss. I just use thin wool and it works out fine. 😊

2. Key rings- Key rings are great, especially if you go to a school where everyone has the same bag. Key rings come in many shapes, colors, designs and materials and can be made quickly out of a variety of materials. I like to make them out of pom-poms or shrink plastic. These ones from are so cute!

3. Earrings- I love getting earrings. I have a collection of like, 30 pairs of earrings, and that is not exaggerating. The supplies to make a pair of simple fishhook style earring are often cheaper that buying a pair from the store. I love this pair from

4. Magnets- If you have an old magnet that you no longer use or have magnetic tape at home, this is for you. Create these scrabble magnets from and spell out their name or a quote. If you don’t have magnetic tape then you can cut up an old magnet and glue it on that.

5. BookmarksLast but not least bookmarks! These pompom bookmarks are so cute, yet incredibly simple and cheap to make. This pompom bookmark from is my favorite yet!

So, next time you go to email someone, consider sending them a letter- and including one of these fun DIY’s to go in it!

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