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Do Hard Things – A Must-Read Book to Challenge and Inspire Teens

Recently I have discovered the world of audiobooks. Previously I assumed that I wouldn’t like someone else reading a book to me. And to a certain extent, I still don’t. When it comes to a fictional story I find imagining the voices in my head far more engaging and enjoyable than listening to someone else say them. But a non-fiction book- such as the book ‘Do Hard Things’- is different. It’s not a story, so I don’t have to use my imagination as much, I can just absorb the information and think about what I’m learning instead. So recently, while I was looking for a new audiobook to read, I came across the book ‘Do Hard Things‘.

Now, this was by no means the first time that I have heard of this book. I have seen this book a few times in Koorong (an Australian Christian book store). I even picked it up and read the introduction. It seemed interesting, but there were other books I wanted more (fiction books, which I would never read on audible). As a result, I didn’t buy it. A few weeks later I saw their blog recommended by Jaquelle Crowe, the author of ‘This Changes Everything’ and host of the podcast ‘Age of Minority’. I thoroughly enjoyed her book and regularly listen to her podcast. I am always looking for more Christian blogs to inspire me for my own blog, so I checked it out. So when I saw ‘Do Hard Things’ while I was mindlessly scrolling through looking for a new book on audible, I knew I had to read it.

‘Do hard Things’ is a book that was written by 18 year old twins Alex and Brett Harris. These boys already had a very well established blog called ‘The Rebelution’, that addressed issues facing teens today and the fact that no-one pushes teens to do difficult things. These brothers identified that teens have significantly more potential than adults and culture tell us, and set out to do something about it. This book poses a challenge to its readers that is evident in the title- do hard things. They show us how we have slipped into a rut called out comfort zone, and by not pushing ourselves we are missing out on what God is calling us to do.

I would encourage every teen to read this book. For me, it was a challenge that I want to step up too. It is too easy to not do things that we would like to do because we think its to hard. We see teens in the media who are champions at something, have started businesses or are changing the world, and we assume that we could never do it, but the truth is that we never even try. Lets start trying to do great things and achieve our goals. We might just find that we are far more capable than we ever imaginged.

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