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How to stay positive and do well during exams

Getting towards the end of the year means that exams are being piled on students and this can be really stressful. Trying to get good grades (or at least pass) puts a lot of pressure on students and can make it feel like these few weeks are the longest weeks of your life.
1. Be organised
Make sure you know when all your exams are, what you need and what they are on. Being disorganised may lead to you forgetting about an exam until the day of the exam or the day before an exam and that will lead you to need to cram.
2. Revise for your exams
While this may seem obvious it is something a surprisingly large number of students (at least, the students in grade 7&8 at my school) forget to do. I have known so many people who have
3. Start revision early
The later you start revising, the more stressed you are going to be when you start studying. Starting to study early means that you can be more confident when you go into your exam because you know that you have been studying the topic for a long time and you are very familiar with it. Studying regularly in short blocks is much more productive than studying once or twice for several hours.
4. Sleep
Many students when they are loaded with assessments will stay up all night studying for exams or completing assignments. This can often be counter productive as lack of sleep will make it harder for you to concentrate on what you are doing. And if your half asleep in an exam then you’re not going to do very well, anyway are you?
5. Remind yourself of your goals
Keep your eye on the prize. While you may feel like your spending half your life studying for this one exam, keep in mind the positive outcome that will come out of all the hard work you have put in.

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