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5 (stupid) Baking mistakes I have made

I am not the best baker. As in, I can bake something from a packet mix, follow the recipe exactly and still have it turn out a complete flop. I have a few recipes that I make regularly, and those I can make very well. I can (sort of) bake a cake out of a packet mix. Here are some of my mistakes and how you can learn from them.

  1. Not turning the oven on (or not turning it on high enough) Yes, apparently to bake banana bread in the oven, you need to turn the thing on. And yes, if you turn it on to the minimum temperature on the oven (100 degrees Celsius) rather than the temperature the recipe suggests (180 degrees) than it may take an extra hour to cook and still turn out undercooked.
  2. Forgetting about what’s cooking This is a really bad idea. Don’t put something in a fry-pan or in the oven and then go and write a blog post. Bad idea.
  3. Forgetting the eggs (or any other ingredient) Please, please, please read the instructions properly and probably more than once. If it helps, tick off the ingredients as you go. I bake pancakes all the time and one of the key ingredients is eggs. You don’t want too many eggs but having not enough can make your pancakes come out really bad. Although the one time I left the eggs out the pancakes did turn out really well…
  4. Accidentally getting the cord caught up in a hot appliance. For your own safety, please never do this. I got a cord caught up in a waffle maker and caused all the electricity in our house to go out and I broke the waffle maker. To avoid this, it is helpful to have a large workspace. But seriously, this mistake could cause serious injuries.
  5. Using the packet mix for icing rather than cake mix Ok, so this wasn’t actually me, it was my sister, but I still think it’s pretty funny. We were baking cakes with a packet mix and my younger sister accidentally added the packet of icing sugar rather than the packet of cake mix. The cake did not turn out very well, as you can imagine. I honestly never thought that it was possible to fail on making a cake when it seemed so simple- pour in the cake mix, add two eggs and a little milk and you just have to put it in the oven and not forget about it. Apparently, I was wrong.

Maybe this makes you feel better about your cooking, or maybe you’re sitting there thinking that you have made similar mistakes. Whatever your thinking right now, I think that all of these mistakes were pretty silly.


  • Damian

    I once cleaned out the dough mixer at my bakery job and left the tea towel I was using in the bowl. Then we made a new batch of bread dough with tea towel still in the bowl

  • Kay

    Oh wow I’ve never baked a tea towel or managed to accidentally shut off the electricity in the whole house.
    But i have accidentally baked a cake the cassava flour instead of flour.

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