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Christmas Photo Challenge Days 1-5


This Christmas I thought I would test out my Photography skills (and creativity) by trying a 24 day Christmas photo challenge. I will also be sharing a super easy and delicious recipe at the end of this post so make sure you stick around!

For this photo challenge I’m not really making many rules. You don’t have to have a certain type of photo or a picture of a particular thing on any day. The only real rule is that you have to take one photo every day for the next 24 days.

Day 1: How the Grinch stole Christmas

So this might have failed (I don’t look at all like the Grinch), but hey, I tried. Mabey I should edit it as a wanted sign instead…

Day 2: Christmas Present!

Let me explain why I’m getting Christmas presents on the second of December. Every year my cousins and often my grandparents are away somewhere for Christmas, so we have Christmas as a family early. As a result, I got a lot of my Christmas presents way early.

Day 3: A babyish Christmas

In a completely unrealistic attempt to take a photo of my brother Ezra in a Christmas hat of any sort, this is the only photo I managed to catch.

Day 4: Gingerbread

YUM! I had so much fun making these gingerbread cookies. Read recipe at the end to find out how to make them

Day 5: Christmas gift card

Oh, and about that gingerbread recipe…

To make the icing that I made, just add 3-4 tsp of water to a cup of icing sugar. If it is to runny, add more icing sugar. If it is no runny enough add more water


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