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    Hello world!

    Hello World! This brand new Blog is an update of my old one, and boy do I like it better. Hope you have just as much fun reading my blog as I do creating it!

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    Christmas Photo Challenge days 11-15

    Merry Christmas everyone! Only 11 days till Christmas and we are over halfway though our photo challenge. Day 11- Gingerbread loaf After debating with my siblings about why gingerbread is called gingerbread when its not actually a bread, I decided…

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    Fried rice

    Fried rice is a Chinese fried dish that is delicious as a full meal or just as a side. This was the first meal I cooked for my family. It’s great because it can be made out of whatever vegetables…

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    5 (stupid) Baking mistakes I have made

    I am not the best baker. As in, I can bake something from a packet mix, follow the recipe exactly and still have it turn out a complete flop. I have a few recipes that I make regularly, and those…

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    DIY gifts small enough to fit in an envelope

    You’ve written that letter. You read it over and think to yourself that it’s good enough. But its not seeming very special. Maybe, like me, when you were younger, you received money from your Grandparents through the mail, and the…